Last Night My Podcast Saved My life…

ok perhaps a bit of an exaggeration… but not really. My podcast was born in one of the darkest moments of my life. In the summer of 2010, I experienced an Awakening — not just the “I’m woke” thing, I also experienced an unexpected Kundalini Awakening that impacted every major aspect of my life including my ability to communicate and do math effectively. Everything changed so fast. I found myself in a new and very […]

The Man Hating Vibes Programming Your Minds

RA admits it. She was fooled. At one point she was taken by the man hating feminist vibes. In this episode she shares a reflection about fathers and men and offers an apology.

Someone – Something Always Listening

Someone or something is always listening, watching. All are moves are data mined. Do we have any privacy? Should it matter? Do you care? Does it worry you? Often I hear, well I am not doing anything wrong. Well RA thinks that is Tremendo Bullship reasoning. From RA’s Point of View… RAW learn mas: or

These Are Not Easy Times

RA chats about the importance developing a spiritual tool kit during these times of difficulty and confusion.

An Increasing Darkness in the Music Industry pt1

Are you noticing the darkness creeping into the creative sector in the mainstream industry? In this episode, RA shares an in depth reflection regarding SIA’s song “Chandelier” and talks about the increasing sexualization of children in Music, Television, Hollywood industry and more.